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Lycra Feeder Double Belt Wheels
  • Lycra Feeder Double Belt Wheels
  • Product name: Lycra Feeder Double Belt Wheels
    Product model: DK-LF20-T5
Product details

-The optional driving wheel: type P for punched belt wheel, type T for timing belt wheel
-The optional position of stop motion: front or back (stop motion is not included in the product)
-You can select high speed or low speed,clockwise or anti-clockwise according to the model of your 
circular knitting machine
-LF lycra feeders series all use alloy yam feeding stick,never rust.
-Product Patent:both have single and double core cable equip,design reasonable,operating stable
-The optional voltages: 24v 12v 6.3v

-The body is structured by two compartments ,it is more stable than others .


- LD-B, LD-C, LD SPECIAL, LD lycra stop motions alternative for lycra feeders


         DK-LD-B lycra stop motion                  DK-LD-C lycra stop motion         



      DK-LD SPECIAL lycra stop motion           DK-LD lycra stop motion       

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